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"Summer Moon was able to calmly, gracefully capture the magic of our wedding.  Her presence was intimate and welcome during the family gathering the night before and when I was getting dressed.  The photos are stunning: vivid color, expression, tenderness and celebration.  Thank you!!!

Faith Van De Putte

"I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate you taking Maggie’s pictures.  Never before has she had her pictures taken from a quality photographer, and few people have the opportunity to be photographed in such a personal way.  I feel that each of those photos reflect the beautiful person that she is.  Some pictures show her in her thoughtful pose, and some show her spark.   I especially love the ones with her friends. 

 Thank you!"

Sally Heard


I cannot thank you enough for these gorgeous photos. You have such a gift! You captured the sentiment of the day so poignantly.  

So much love always, 


Tasha Willson

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